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An introduction

   MeriAwaz.in is a free independent media news teller. It has been launched with a firm objective to promote unbiased and free journalism giving coverage to the issues least touched or completely overlooked by top media houses.

Truth is to be told not be hidden, bringing news in public domain in its truest form is the essence and religion of journalism, yet tough to follow. In doing so, what it takes, is the money, by which all the necessary ingredients are bought to cover a news on both national and international front.

After the emergence of globalization, as we are witnessing now that some media housed are busy to persuade certain agenda of certain people. The essence of news, thus, is lost and then a particular agenda is propagated in most of the cases.

Unlike other big news houses, MeriAwaz.in at its possible scale will attempt to put the news content as unbiased as possible and become the voice of people.

More importantly, We at MeriAwaz.in also provide space for talented minds who want to write but don’t have any platform. This initiative is to establish the fact that how society is perceived through different viewpoints of writers.

Undoubtedly, each and every one of us has a story to tell. So, you can write your story and send us on issues, you think, are important and need to be published for the society in any extent. Our team will edit it and it will get published if the news, story or article is relevant to our website and fulfilling norms and conditions of our writing standards.

Keeping this in mind, we have added a new section for students called MeriAwaz, where they can share their stories.

When you read anything from our newsletter, don’t forget to give your suggestions be it negative or positive because it will help us to further improve our journalism. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome. For us, every voice matter.

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